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My Income-tax refund is less than expected?


Taxpayers receive Income-tax refund and many times it is less than expected. Let us understand why this may have happened. This issue may arise due to several reasons, some of them are explained below- It might happen that Income-tax Department has adjusted your tax refund of current Financial year with any Income-tax payable of… Read more »

Importance of 31st March 2016


It is mandatory for a taxpayer to file Income-tax return if his total income exceeds the basic exemption limit (i.e. Rs 2,50,000/- for FY 2013-14 & FY 2014-15). Also, if you want to claim refund or carry forward certain losses for FY 2013-14, you are required to file Income-tax return. Moreover,… Read more »

Why do I require to file my Income-tax return?


Taxpayer is required to file his Income-tax return on the basis of income earned by him for the Financial year. Central Government decides slab rates for individual and other taxpayer for filing their Income-tax returns. Click here to know the basic exemption limit & slab rates for Financial Year 2014-15…. Read more »