Make sure you get your medical reimbursement!

A medical allowance is an allowance provided under the Income tax Act, which states that any employee can submit the bills of any medical treatment undergone by him for himself or his family members. The limit for the allowance is Rs. 15,000. The medical allowance may be paid to the employee by the employer irrespective of claims made.

However there is difference between medical allowance and medical reimbursement. Now medical reimbursement is amount reimbursed by employer to his employee in respect of medical treatment. A maximum of Rs. 15,000 as a medical reimbursement could be claimed as tax-free. Any amount over and above this limit shall be taxable as perquisites. Medical reimbursement can be claimed only if actual expenses have been incurred by the employee or their family.

  • How to avail tax benefit if any employer doesn’t provide medical reimbursement?

Well, not to worry.You still have section 80D. Health insurance premia paid by an individual for himself or for his family is deductible. The maximum deduction for a financial year is Rs. 25,000/- (as amended by Budget-2015). However, for senior citizen the deduction is extended to Rs. 30,000/- (as amended by Budget-2015).
So, make sure you submit your medical bills and get your medical reimbursement to avail this benefit in order to save your tax.

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Make sure you get your medical reimbursement!
Medical allowance is reimbursement made by the employer to the employee for the medical expenses incurred by the employee, whether on himself or any of the family members upto Rs.15000. Medical reimbursement is amount reimbursed by the employer to employee in respect of medical treatment undertaken by him. This reimbursement of medical expenses is a taxable perquisite, If it exceeds the specified limit of Rs.15,000. If any employer doesn't provide reimbursement of medical expenses, benefit under section 80D would be available
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